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Yes, last minute orders can be made with TicketSupply.com. However these orders are slightly more difficult to fill, so we ask that you call our toll-free number for last minute requests so that we will be able to best fill them for you.
The prices for tickets on TicketSupply.com are determined by the ticket broker who is putting the tickets up for sale. The prices are a fair reflection of the market value, which is determined by delivery fees, convenience fees, the effort put forth to ob...
The tickets you order will, in most cases, be shipped on the same day that you place the order. If this is, for some reason, not possible, the broker will contact you (phone or email) and let you know when you can expect your tickets to be shipped. We rec...
Yes, all tickets that we sell are seated consecutively. If this is not the case for a particular order, a note will be made clearly under the listing for the tickets.
If an event needs to be cancelled and will not be rescheduled, you will have to be in touch with the ticket broker to get a refund. You are provided with the broker's contact information in a confirmation e-mail when you order the tickets. If you have que...
If an event needs to be postponed, you will be able to use your tickets on the rescheduled date. In most cases, it is not necessary to issue new tickets to rescheduled or postponed events. To be sure that you do not need new tickets, please contact your t...
TicketSupply.com offers a guarantee that every ticket sold will be authentic and can be used for entry into the event. To go over the entire guarantee, please click here to look at our 100% Buyer Guarantee.
The service fee is reflective of the cost to get tickets that are sold out or difficult to come by. In addition, it assists us in recovering some costs that come with processing payments and helps to guarantee the authenticity of every ticket on the site.
You can review our policy on returns and refunds in our customer agreement and terms of use at User Agreement.  In short, because tickets are a one-of-a-kind item we can't offer refunds or exchanges. Please view our User Agreement for more detailed e...
The ticket industry is ever changing, and prices may rise or fall if there are changes to an event or if the demand increases. If you see a price that you are comfortable with, we recommend purchasing the tickets immediately so that you are not subject to...
Ticket brokers will typically sell tickets at prices higher than the face value. This price is referred to as "market value." Ticket Brokers must sell tickets at a higher rate because they pay additional costs and premiums to get the access to the most in...
These are YOUR tickets. It is likely the case that the broker got the tickets from the person who originally purchased them. All tickets are transferable and they are your tickets to the event.
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